MLK, Jr. Day of Service 2013

As part of the MLK Day of Service, an annual event organized by ALT partner Community Connections of Northeast Georgia, 29 passed through the gates of the West Broad Market Garden on January 21st. Starting at 9 a.m. volunteers were greeted by 70’s-era funk careening from the borrowed PA system which had been set up for the day. To the tunes of legends volunteers built two 4‘ x 20’ raised bed garden boxes, recovered the West Broad hoop house with greenhouse plastic, and cleared the early Spring field of weeds and Fall crop residues.

ALT staffers Fenwick Broyard and Dana Blanton led the volunteer group in the completion of their respective projects, with volunteers ranging in age from a 2 year old girl to a 79 year old man. Irrespective of age or ability, all reported enjoying the day and the work that was accomplished; and, several of those present committed to becoming regular volunteers at the site.