Produce Stand at the University Nursing Home and Rehab Center


IMG_2937The humidity of the week had lifted on Saturday, 24 August 2013, when Ethel Collins and Stephanie Bergamo joined the University Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center for a day of outdoor doings. Miss Ethel and Stephanie set up a produce stand of vegetables from our West Broad Market Garden alongside a troupe of motorcyclists and classic car/truck owners with their hot dog and hamburger grill.   The cyclists and classic auto folks paraded their vehicles around for all to admire, then settled down to grilling reasonably priced picnic fare. Miss Ethel and Stephanie sold an assortment of produce, including novel sweet potato greens, to visitors, staff, and a resident or two. ALT has been invited to return with more produce sometime during a work week, whereby the Monday through Friday staff will have the opportunity to purchase fresh garden produce as well.