Free Personal Financial Literacy Series

February 13, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Dr. Tawana Mattox

Through a HUD grant, Morris Brown College has teamed up with Athens Land Trust, a HUD Certified Housing Counseling agency to offer financial literacy to the entire MBC family, and the greater community.


The financial literacy programming is facilitated by Athens Land Trust’s Director of Education, Alumna Dr. Tawana Smith Mattox ’91 (Dr. T). In addition, 10 MBC students are serving as “navigators” as they prepare to become financial literacy educators, and/or HUD Certified counselors.

Location: Virtual, 2-hour sessions
Dates:  January 30, February 6, February 13, 2023
To participate in the Adult Financial Literacy Workshop Series, please fill out the following form and reach out to the course facilitator or MBC Liaison if you have any questions.

Workshop 1: Your Income and Expenses: This module helps participants track and understand their income (money coming in) and expenses (money going out).


  • Discusses different types of income and ways to receive income • Shows how to read a pay statement
  • Shares a tool for tracking income Provides information and tools for tracking and managing expenses

Workshop 2: Your Savings: This module covers how participants can save money for their goals, large purchases, and unexpected expenses.


  • Reviews options for where to build your savings
  • Discusses options for individuals receiving public benefits to build assets

Workshop 3: Credit Reports and Scores – Part 1: This module covers how to understand, access, and improve your credit reports and scores.


  • Explains the importance of credit reports and scores
  • Discusses how credit history impacts access to credit, loans, housing, jobs, insurance, and other services
  • Explains how to get, review, and dispute errors in credit reports


  • Describes ways to build credit if no or little credit history exists
  • Explains how to repair, improve, and maintain credit
  • Explains how credit scores are calculated
  • Explains where to get help with credit reports and credit scores

Contact Us

Course Facilitator: Dr. Tawana Mattox
Phone: 706-613-0122
MBC Liaison: Mrs. Devonne McKenzie
Phone: 404-458-6085 Ext. 2011