Farmer Network


The goal of our farmer network is to connect farmers to each other, provide technical assistance, and encourage CNG practices among farmers in Georgia.

Our Farmer Network

Each of the farms in our Farmer Network is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) meaning that no synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms are used during the growing process. CNG offers peer review certification to farmers producing food for their local communities by working in harmony with nature.

Foster Brady Farm

Walton County, GA

Foster-Brady Farm is a family farm owned and operated by Hal and Cheryl Brady and son, Clay.  The farm has been in Cheryl’s family since the land was acquired in 1860. It has evolved from a cotton, wheat, soybeans, and other cash crop farm to a Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) Produce, timber, and wildlife habitat. The farm’s reconstructed historic village serves as a popular venue for small weddings and photo shoots for proms, bands, and family pictures. The produce business sells to local restaurants, markets, and farmers markets.

Starks Valley Farm

Commerce, GA

Starks Valley Farm, a 15-acre tract located off of Bolton Gordon Road, has existed as farmland since the 1940’s when current farmer, Clancy Bolton’s great-grandfather, Charlie M. Bolton worked the land. In 2014, Clancy broke ground on an acre and a half that had previously only been cut for hay. Today, Clancy cultivates two acres of seasonal crops including greens, root vegetables, peas, beans, crucifers, tomatoes, melons, and squash.

Sungate Farm

Madison County, GA

Steve and Lydia Engelsen both hail from farm families and although their careers lead then away from the family farm there remained a passion for growing fresh food and eating well throughout their lives. Today that passion is represented in their market offerings of locally grown, organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, and value added products.  Our farm offers many traditional fruits and vegetables along with many rare heirloom varieties. While stewards of the land, we promise to protect our soil, water, biodiversity and maintain a high standard of sustainable farming practices.  As a result we became certified naturally grown (CNG) in July of 2014.  It is our hope that through our efforts we may preserve our rich agricultural heritage and pass it on to future generations.

Bread & Butter Farms

Monroe, GA

Bread & Butter Farms, run by Musa Hasan, is a 10 acre farm in Monroe. In Musa’s words “We are very young but hope to instill in the next generation the importance of growing and raising what you eat and the benefits that lie therein.” Bread & Butter Farms’ focus is to create an awareness of the benefits of growing your own food, raising your own animals and even keeping your own bees. The farm is also open to year round garden rental. It is currently a backup producer for our CSA program and will be participating in our markets for the first time this season.