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2019 Fall Farm-Share

The Athens Land Trust Farm-Share program provides a convenient way of obtaining fresh, high quality, locally grown and produced foods. Our goal is to ease the amount of effort involved with healthy conscious eating by bringing the farmer’s bounty to you. 

Most of the produce is grown at Athens Land Trust’s own Williams Farm, although we also receive supplemental produce from other Athens-area farmers. Each week, we select the best in-season produce, pack it into a box and have it available for pick-up at Williams Farm and West Broad Farmers Market (or delivery to pre-approved workplaces). All of our growers utilize organic growing practices and are Certified Naturally Grown so we can ensure a safe and healthy product for you and your family that is also good for the environment!  Each week you’ll receive a newsletter with healthy recipes utilizing that week’s produce, a bio of the farmers providing the various items, and preparation tips for featured vegetables.

6 Reasons to choose the Athens Land Trust Farm-Share

  • RECEIVE higher quality produce at a better than retail cost. Fresh and healthy in a way that pleases the taste buds and the budget. 
  • KNOW WHO and WHERE your food comes from. Increased transparency and trust.
  • SUPPORT local farmers. Stimulate the local economy and boost small-scale farms success with upfront commitment.
  • BE PART of a growing community. Encourage positive culture and connection.
  • PROMOTE sustainability. Lower your carbon footprint by reducing packaging and transportation of fresh foods.
  • SUPPORT the Athens Land Trust. Your purchase of a farm-share supports the Athens Land Trust’s many community-based programs, including: youth development, community agriculture, affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, small-business owner support, habitat restoration and conservation.

Is a Farm-Share right for me?

Before signing up for a season of Farm-Share, it’s important to know your preferences and what you can commit to. To help evaluate, try asking yourself and/or your household some of the following questions:

  • Will I enjoy preparing homemade meals on a regular basis?
  • How will I handle new or extra produce?
  • What is my availability? Can a friend or neighbor fill in for me if I’m gone?
  • Am I ok with potential risks that I take with farmers regarding produce availability due to environmental or other related factors?

If you can answer ‘YES’ to the questions above, then Farm-Share sounds like a great option for you to consider! If you answer ‘NO’ to more than a couple of the questions, you may have a better experience supporting a Farmers Market as opposed to a Farm-Share.

Fall 2019 Farm-Share Season

The Fall Farm-Share Season runs for 10 weeks, September 30 – December 9 (skip the week of Thanksgiving).

Farm-Share Sizes & What to Expect

Half-Share cost $175 (4-5 produce items/week)

Full-Share cost $250 (6-8 produce items/week)

Fall Farm-Share includes a seasonal assortment of fresh, locally grown vegetables.  Projected items include: tomatoes, peppers (sweet & hot), green beans, okra, yellow squash & zucchini, melons, cucumbers, winter squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce, arugula, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collards, cabbage, pac choi, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes and herbs (dill, cilantro, mint, parsley, basil, rosemary).

*Some crops may be unavailable due to adverse weather conditions or other factors outside of our control.

Add-On Items

In addition to fresh, local produce, we also offer optional locally produced add-on items to further increase the diversity of your box. You can select multiple shares of the add-on item. 

  • Brown Eggs- 1 dozen weekly from Caribe United Farm (Oglethorpe, GA). Premium farm fresh eggs (non-GMO, No-Soy, Cage Free, Free Range). $50 for 10 weeks.

Pick-Up/Delivery Time & Location

You select which pick-up day & location you’d like when you register.

  • Wednesday or Friday between 3pm-7pm at Williams Farm (located at 235 Northside Drive Athens, GA 30601).
  • Saturday between 9am-1pm at West Broad Farmers Market (located at 1573 W. Broad Street Athens, GA 30606).

Workplace delivery Option

To qualify for complimentary delivery within Athens, at least six subscriptions from a single workplace are necessary. To qualify for complimentary delivery outside of Athens, at least ten subscriptions from a single workplace are necessary. Workplace delivery will need pre-approval by Cameron Teeter, Interim Community Agriculture Director.

* Athens Land Trust does not provide make-up pick-ups. We recommend you coordinate with a co-worker or friends who will pick-up your share in the case of your absence.

Payment Options

Payment by Check made payable to: Athens Land Trust (Farm-Share in the memo line) and can be dropped off or mailed to 685 N. Pope Street Athens, GA 30601.

Payment Online Click here to purchase your Farm-Share using your debit or credit card.

Weekly SNAP Payment Take advantage of our partnership with Wholesome Wave Georgia and double your SNAP/EBT dollars! This payment option is only available to individuals who pick up their Farm-Share at the West Broad Farmers Market on Saturdays between 9am-1 pm.  Come to the Token Booth, pay your weekly Farm-share payment and receive your produce.  Because your SNAP benefits are doubled at our market, the weekly price for the Farm-Share for SNAP/EBT customers is:

Half-Share $8.50/week

Full Share $12.50/week

Please note: for the Weekly SNAP Payment option, a deposit of $35 for half-shares or $50 for full shares is due 1 week prior to the start of the Farm-Share.  The deposit will be forfeited if you drop out of the program during the season, otherwise, your deposit will be refunded at the end of the season.

You are responsible for paying for each share, even if you miss a pick-up. There are no make-up shares.

Weekly SNAP payments are not accepted for add-on items; the full cost of the add-ons is due with the deposit.

To enroll in the Weekly SNAP payment option, please contact Cameron Teeter at (706) 613-0122 or

Important Information

  • You are responsible for paying for each share, even if you miss a pick-up. There are no make-up shares.
  • If you drop out mid-season, we will refund your balance less $35 for half share or $50 for full share (cost of two weeks of Fall Farm Share). There is no refund for add-ons.
  • With your first week’s pick-up you’ll receive a reusable tote bag in your box. Please remember to bring that tote or other bag each week to carry your items home.

Donate a Farm Share

Working with local churches and non-profit organizations to identify individuals and families in need, Athens Land Trust will provide Farm Shares to community members throughout the growing season.

If you would like to participate in our Farm Share Donation program by purchasing a donated share, please contact the Williams Farm Manager, Seth Nivens, at or call the Athens Land Trust office at 706-613-0122.

The full cost of a donated share (minus sales tax) is a tax-deductible contribution.

About the Athens Land Trust

Athens Land Trust, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, conserves, empowers and sustains communities through responsible and visionary land use.  Since 1994, we have been working with communities in Athens and throughout the state of Georgia to promote a holistic approach to land use that provides opportunities for homeownership, conserves land for generations to come, and expands access to healthy, affordable food. Your purchase of a Farm-Share supports the Athens Land Trust’s many community-based programs, including: youth development, community agriculture, affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, small-business owner support, habitat restoration and conservation.