Athens Energy Opportunity Program

About the Program

In 2023, Athens Land Trust partnered with ACTION, Inc., and the ACC Sustainability Office to create the Athens Energy Opportunity Program. With support from the West Broad and North Athens Advisory Boards, the goal of this program is to educate community members on Weatherization, Energy, Home Repairs, and other services.

The Athens Energy Opportunity Program is supported by Drawdown Georgia and the Department of Energy, and the owner-occupied rehab program is funded by the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission. 

The West Broad and North Athens Advisory Boards hosted two successful kickoff events this spring to give attendees the opportunity to engage with Athens Land Trust, ACTION, Inc., and the Athens Clarke County Sustainability Office regarding Weatherization, Energy, Home Repairs, and other services. The kickoffs also included a discussion, Q&A, and an overview of the next steps for the program.

This fall, our Department of Education and Empowerment offered a series of information and application assistance sessions to potential program applicants.

Do I Qualify?

Athens residents living in Census Tracts 1403, 1404, 1405 (North Athens) and Census Tracts 6 and 9 (West Broad) who fall within the program’s income limits (below) qualify for the Athens Energy Opportunity Program. 

 Note: East Athens will be included in the next round in 2024 – 2025.

North Athens Census Tracts: 1403, 1401, 1405
West Broad Census Tracts: 6 and 9

Income Limits

Funding for the program comes from several sources, the first being Federal as shown in Table 1 with our grant with the Department of Energy

Table 2 is used for funding through ACC and Drawdown Georgia. You will discuss eligibility during your 1:1 meeting with the Director, Education and Empowerment at the Athens Land Trust office.

Table 1
Table 2

How to Apply

How to Apply

  1. Attend an education and overview session (dates are posted in the Events section)
  2. Complete the application packet and schedule an appointment with the Director of Education and Empowerment. 
  3. Once the application is approved, an energy audit will take place to determine a work plan for your home.
  4.  A consultation meeting with the YUB Coordinator and walk through of your home will take place to discuss a work plan for general repairs, and/or energy work, and legal paperwork is completed to begin the work.
  5. Once the work is completed, a post inspection will take place and follow up with customer satisfaction of what was completed.

Note: To measure the success of the work performed we also ask for utility bills.

Examples of Weatherization Measures as identified by our Department of Energy grant partner, Action Inc.:

  • Floor Insulation, Attic Insulation, Air Leakage Reduction, Caulking, Weather stripping of leaky doors, Windows Repair, Smoke/CO2 Detectors, LED Light Bulbs, and HVAC Repair or Replacement

Who do I contact for an application:

Dr. Tawana Mattox, Director of Education and Empowerment


Phone:  706-613-0122