Farmer Outreach

The Farmer Outreach Program is a collaborative effort with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)  to conduct outreach and educational activities for underserved groups in Northeast Georgia. The goal of the program is to increase the number of minority farmers and raise awareness of NRCS programs.

Program Objectives

  • Introduce new and underserved populations to farming as a career
  • Introduce new and existing farmers to NRCS programs, especially easement programs such as the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program, Grassland Reserve Program, and others
  • Increase the opportunities for beginning, non-traditional farmers by providing educational activities and matching them with landowners who are not currently utilizing their land
  • Expand opportunities for new farmers through a land lease program

Farm Training Opportunities

ALT currently offers free agriculture, education and business training at the West Broad Market Garden to underserved individuals interested in farming. Beginning farmers can learn how to raise organic vegetables and specialty crops that will be sold to markets.

Underserved groups are defined as individuals and groups who have not participated in or have received limited benefit from USDA or NRCS programs which may improve their quality of life and/or the environment.