Market Activities & Events

We have a host of programs and events to celebrate our community and the flavor, family, and fun atmosphere every week.

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Our Events

Every market is a unique day, but we have some special events throughout the year to celebrate holidays, the community, and its history.


Juneteenth (“June” plus “nineteenth”) is the oldest national celebration of the ending of slavery in the United States. With our roots in an African-American community, our Juneteenth Festival is a day to celebrate African-American freedom and achievement.

Heritage Festival

Partnering with the Athens Area Black History Committee, we host our annual Athens Heritage and Urban Agriculture Festival, celebrating African - American history and traditions, particularly those surrounding the West Broad School and urban agriculture.

Holiday Market

As the final market of the year, we go out in trademark holiday style. With holiday - themed kids ’ activities, a variety of live music and Christmas song playlist, cooking demos, turkey raffle, and various cook - offs and food contests, we celebrate the December holidays in a fun, heartwarming style.