Michael Roberts

Director of Impact and Strategic Initiatives

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Michael Roberts has come home to the South from California to serve as Director of Impact and Strategic Initiatives. At ALT, he'll be working to support ALT’s efforts through strategic fundraising and evaluation practices while solidifying key partnerships. He's been working on sustainable development, social and economic justice, and climate resilience issues for a long time, including here in the Southeast with the Schmidt Family Foundation, to build enterprise opportunities for small and mid-scale farmers and bring resources to protect the land and farms of marginalized communities. He likes to garden with native plants, perennial crops, and no-till vegetables--and tries to keep his two-year-old daughter from stomping on the strawberries. Michael has a master’s degree in environment and sustainable development from the Bartlett Development Planning Unit at University College London and a bachelor's degree from the University of Richmond. Athens Land Trust is one of the rare organizations that is both deeply rooted in community and capable of solving larger-scale systemic issues, and it is Michael's hope that he can support the organization in telling a comprehensive big-picture story while bringing more resources to the communities and people that need them most.

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