Xavier Coates

Young Urban Builders Program Coordinator

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Xavier has a long history with Athens Land Trust. Originally starting as a Young Urban Farmer during his junior year of high school, Xavier went on to become an Assistant Farm Manager for both Williams Farm and the West Broad Garden. Over the years, Xavier has also served as a Young Conservation Steward, Manager of the Waddell Street Garden, a Young Urban Builder, and YCS Hotshot Crew Leader.

Xavier became the Youth Programs Assistant in 2021 and assisted with the Young Conservation Stewards and the Young Urban Builders programs. In 2023, Xavier became the Young Urban Builder Program Coordinator.

Xavier hopes to become the owner of his own Indoor Vertical Garden and Natural Herb Tea Shop in the future. He is excited to help Athens Land Trust grow and thrive into an even better organization than it already is so even more people may receive the benefits and opportunities we provide.

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